My 2021 goals

This year I am focusing on goals, rather than resolutions, and whilst I’m a bit late to the game I’m writing them here so I am accountable!

2020 was carnage, and 2021 has started off with the longest January ever – but life is what we make it. So let’s make it a good one.

Goals, not resolutions

So, a resolution by definition is a firm decision to either do something or not do something. For example, stop smoking, start running, lose 3 stone.

Humans by nature absolutely hate being told what to do, and unless you really like a more strict attitude, most of us won’t actually achieve resolutions because we feel too pressured.

For example, in 2018 it was reported that less than 8% of people stick to their resolutions each year – madness!

Being the headstrong, occasionally stubborn (thanks dad and nan), and independent person that I am, I like direction but I don’t like feeling like I have no other options or don’t have any flex. So this year, I’m focusing on achieving goals, which can be achieved however I want and are less strict than most resolutions often appear to be.

My 2021 goals

1. Get back to my ideal weight

Now, I have said “weight” here – but what I really mean is get back to what I deem as my ideal shape and fitness levels. I do have a goal weight, but as I’m also doing strength training more consistently, it’s way more important that I focus on how I actually look.

When I was at uni I worked at David Lloyd and got free gym access and oh my was it good. Then as much as I tried to keep up with fitness for the years afterwards, I’ve found my motivation lacking for a variety of reasons and I put on a fair bit of weight during 2019/20 especially.

I have also had a lot of issues with my feet, leg, back and pelvis over the past year or more – which has impacted my ability to do as much as I’d have liked. So this year is about being more conscious of my body, my eating, and my recovery to perform as best as I can.

For me, exercise is about both looking good but also massively about how it makes my head feel – I need fitness to support my mental health, and 2020 reminded me of that.

2. Push for more results from my GP

Bit of a weird goal right?

Yet, when I was thinking of what I wanted out of this year – this was one that seemed most crucial.

In 2018 I started getting pain in my left side, and thought I could feel a lump of some sort near the lower part of my hip bone. For months I went back to my doctor, as the pain was either very faint or quite sharp, and I went through a period of being constipated for weeks – in 2019 I was sent to a gastroenterologist who checked by bowel for any issues and gave me the all clear.

It’s still never felt quite right, but I didn’t push further, even though I felt that they hadn’t inspected one area of a woman’s body that often causes the most issues – the pelvis and reproductive organs.

In January 2020, after getting back pain for a bit – I got back pain and pelvic pain, which led to sciatica and plantar fasciitis, which I still have and which I’ve had 9 months of physio for with no change. I’ve been discharged from physio, discharged from the podiatrist, and only now are they listening to my thoughts on it being pelvic related – and have now diagnosed me with suspected endometriosis with the possibility that it’s pushing on my nerves and causing the sciatica/back pain.

I wish more people knew about endo, because whilst mine ranges from mild to agony, there are so many symptoms and so many issues that it causes. It literally has life changing impacts on the lives of so many women, and it doesn’t get enough time in the light.

I haven’t been able to walk/run pain free for over 12 months, I haven’t gone a day without some form of pain for around 2 years – and it’s getting worse. When endo spreads, it can attach to other organs, and whilst it is not life threatening, it can mean lifelong chronic pain and issues. Being in pain all the time is fucking exhausting, people not understanding is exhausting, and having your mobility impacted is infuriating.

So – I am sure as hell ringing my GP for every change in my body, pushing for scans, referrals and answers. And I am absolute not waiting the average 7 years it often takes to get diagnosed.

I want my physical health and my mental to be my priority this year – and that means getting the healthcare I pay my taxes for.

3. Be able to have a 15 minute conversation in Italian

I love Italy, I love Italian food, I just love it! I’ve visited a few places there, but I am definitely going to explore more.

I hate being one of those typical British people who doesn’t make an effort to learn the language and expects them to just speak English – so in comes goal 3! To learn the language enough to be able to hold a short conversation.

I’m rubbish with languages – but had to throw in a bit of a challenge for 2021!

4. Be consistent with house savings

Again, I haven’t put a strict amount on this – but I am buying a house in 2021. It’s a big one, it’s an exciting one, and I am so determined to nail this one.

Therefore, I am aiming to be as consistent as possible with my savings – so that I can reach my biggest 2021 goal, and one which has been my only desire since I was in my early teens.

I have always wanted a space of my own, somewhere that is my haven and somewhere I can both be a hermit crab or be a social butterfly mood depending!

In 2020, I moved job for better opportunities and to allow for both career and personal growth – and that move has helped me get that bit closer to this goal.

So, those are my 2021 goals! Do you have any goals or resolutions? Let me know šŸ˜Š

One thought on “My 2021 goals

  1. Kate says:

    Ah man, I would love to be able to speak Italian! I thought about trying to learn it but then I started learning Dutch instead in an attempt to impress my Belgian friends…. it isn’t going well for me haha! But good luck with all your 2021 goals šŸ™‚


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