Cafe Coho: Brighton

Everyone knows that I’m a sucker for a coffee and a nice setting to drink it in, which is why I can often be found sitting in the window of a cafe, daydreaming with a mocha in hand.

In July, I was visiting the wonderful city that is Brighton and so naturally I found somewhere that did nice food and nice coffee to enjoy on a Sunday morning.

Cafe Coho

Cafe Coho is nestled in amongst the busy streets of The Lanes, and is in a prime spot because of that. I found it online, but figured it’d be best to take a wander to go and check it out.

On arrival, the exterior was rammed, with patrons enjoying brunch in the glorious mid-morning sunshine. The cafe itself looked like just my place, and the fact that it was busy was a good indication that it was going to be good.

Myself and my friends took a seat inside, and were instantly eyeing up (and salivating) over the selection of cakes and other baked goods that adorned the counter infront of our table. At this point, I wasn’t really sure what to order, other than a coffee, and everything on the menu sounded really nice.

In my true fashion, I skipped the healthy brunch options, cake and full English and went for a bacon sandwich! It’s simple, but I think sometimes that can be a show of how good the rest of the food might be, as it’s easy to get wrong.

The bread was sourdough, my fave! But overall, we all had a lush breakfast – including one salmon and eggs and a vegan flatbread. The mocha I had was really good and unfortunately I didn’t catch what coffee they were using, but it was smooth and just the little pick me up I needed.

Cafe Coho themselves state “We use specialist dairy, meat and vegetable suppliers to put together some amazing dishes.” What more could you want?!

Overall, the atmosphere and food/drinks in Cafe Coho were both great. If you ever need a little brunch stop then I’d highly recommend!

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