Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Haul

I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately, and thanks to a nagging injury I can’t run out my stresses or frustrations and swimming and a massage are out until places near me re-open properly. So, I did what any girl does when she needs a little treat – I shopped!

After some debate I decided to splurge on some Charlotte Tilbury makeup. A luxury I would never ever usually contemplate! My makeup is usual just from standard low-mid range brands you find in Boots or Superdrug, not anything from more luxurious brands.

However, this time (and with the help of Klarna) I decided to finally order a new foundation alongside some other bits. I’d heard of Charlotte Tilbury before, and had heard that their lipsticks and foundations in particular were good, which are two items I find hard to get right… and so that’s why I decided to splurge on this particular brand.

What was in my Charlotte Tilbury makeup haul?

So, now let’s get to the good bit! What Charlotte Tilbury delights I treat myself to?

First, I was in real need of a decent foundation… I don’t wear foundation very much, but I wanted to wear my old one and then realised it just really wasn’t flattering at all. The shade was a bit off, it was a little cakey and it was old.

So, I opted for the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation after seeing some good reviews on it. I love this foundation! It’s really nice to apply, gives amazing coverage which you can build up (hence the name) and didn’t feel heavy at all. Plus, despite having very fair and uneven skin – it didn’t look orange or have any weird patches of coverage. So overall that was a great buy. Take a look at the difference below…

Next I added a concealer as coffee perks me up, but unfortunately it doesn’t do anything for my tired and dark eyes! Haha. I purchased the Magic Away concealer as I’d heard good things. I really like this concealer actually, and went one shade lighter than my foundation – it’s easy to apply and definitely makes my under eye a lot brighter.

Then came the real treat (and probably the highest risk item) – lipsticks! Now, I have purchased a lot of lipsticks over the years, trying desperately to find one that stays on but also doesn’t dry out my lips. Honestly, there are some matte lipsticks that I don’t understand how anyone can wear them – because my lips are left dry and horrible even if I moisturise and exfoliate them regularly.

Most of us have heard about the iconic Pillow Talk collection, and the lipsticks have been dubbed as “your lips, but better” which I thought made this a good place to start. I did some Googling and watched a few YouTube videos and people seemed to suggest that whilst their matte lipstick doesn’t stay on for 48hrs (like some claim to, and definitely do not) they went on nicely, didn’t dry out lips and stayed on fairly well!

I must say I’m really impressed. I bought the Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk Medium Matte Revolution lipsticks, along with two Lip Cheat lip liner pencils to go with them. For someone like me detests dried out lips, but doesn’t really find that satin lipsticks stay on at all – these are a great pick. The colours are stunning and even after coffee and cake my lipstick was still on, which was probably helped by me investing in lip liner. I’ve worn these two loads over the past 4 weeks, and have not gotten frustrated at lack of coverage or at dried lips once!

They really are “your lips, but better” – I love them!

Lastly, I got an eyeshadow palette free with my order and I LOVE eyeshadow. I have so many palettes it’s silly, and even my boyfriend has asked why I need to keep buying more – because I need like 50 shades of each colour DUH. This palette is the Easy Eye palette and has shades for a “day eye” and a “date eye” – the date eye shades (the darker ones) are probably my favourite, but I do like wearing the day eye shades to work as they are beautiful but more muted.

So, overall this was a really good haul and whilst the makeup is admittedly expensive, but for me I found that they really suited my skin and my makeup needs! I’ve been buying cheap makeup for years, and fell sucker to the MAC lipstick obsession – but I think I will explore some higher end brands more!

What are your makeup favourites? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Haul

    • Tilly Haines says:

      Thanks for the comment! Their packaging is sooo pretty – they’ve got a lovely combo of style and quality going on with their products 😊


  1. Jenny in Neverland says:

    i never ever buy myself high end make up. Although the ranges from Boots and Superdrug are great, it IS nice to treat yourself to something luxury every now and again, isn’t it? For that reason, I’ve never tried any CT make up but I’ve heard great things. Your make up looks amazing an that lip colour is PERFECT for you!


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