Trying out my first subscription from Pact Coffee

Those of you that know me will know that I looove coffee, and well I guess it is kind of in the blog name. So, last month I decided to give Pact Coffee a go as I’d read that they do coffee subscriptions.

Pact Coffee are on a mission to provide coffee lovers with delicious and quality coffee whilst making the whole process more fair for the farmers/suppliers.

When setting up your subscription you can choose how frequently you receive your coffee, what grind you get and also choose which range you go for out of their House, Select or Micro-lot ranges. When you’ve chosen your range, you will then get a different coffee each month on a rotation basis so that you can try different blends!

Although, if you find one you love – don’t worry, you can specify to keep that one every month.

The whole process was super easy, and when choosing your delivery frequency they also highlight how many cups of coffee that will get you a week which is a great idea!

Trying the Planalto coffee

The Planalto is their best selling coffee and is a dark roast. It apparently has flavours of chocolate malt milkshake, although I am not a master taster (yet, I really want to do a course) and so whilst I could definitely get hints of bitter chocolate, I couldn’t necessarily pick up on the malt and milkshake part.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of a dark roast and so whilst I did try this coffee black I found that for me it was a bit too much However, after playing around with the right amount of milk and sugar, I actually did really enjoy it. Although I added milk, the coffee was very round/full-bodied and so it kept its flavour well with just slighlty less

Most coffee aficionados would hate me for adding milk and sugar – but we all have our preferences!

Trying my free Hario V60 dripper

Now I have an espresso machine at home, which is small but comes with a group handle and a steam arm. You do have to grind the coffee yourself – but I love the machine all the same and it was an absolute bargain. During lockdown it’s been the closest thing I’ve been able to get to proper barista coffee.

However, Pact are currently giving away a free V60 coffee dripper when you sign up, so I figured I’d give it a go.

And my verdict? I love the v60! The V60 is really easy to use and comes with a measuring scoop so that you can see how much coffee you’re measuring out and can adjust it according to taste or how many cups you’re making.

You simply add the coffee to the filter, pour over the water and the V60 does the rest. It’s really quick, but makes a lovely cup of coffee.

So, overall I really enjoyed my first subscription from Pact Coffee. For coffee lovers I think it’s a really great idea and Pact are really on a mission to support suppliers with their Direct Trade model – which makes me like them even more.

I’m looking forward to trying some medium and light roast coffees, and even getting some that is finely ground to use in my espresso machine!

8 thoughts on “Trying out my first subscription from Pact Coffee

    • Tilly Haines says:

      It’s so good! It’s like £7-£9 a bag which is more expensive than supermarket stuff – but I love that they give you a different one each time! And they’re putting in so much effort as a business to support the coffee farmers and to cut out the middle man which is a huge plus 😀 such a great idea and my bad has already lasted like 3 weeks and has enough for another 3 weeks I’d say – so it’s a worthwhile purchase!

      Thanks for the comment x

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tilly Haines says:

      Thanks for the comment 😊

      It’s a great idea for coffee obsessed friends or family! I spend so much on coffees at coffee shops so I’m hoping this will help me streamline a bit haha.


    • Tilly Haines says:

      Thanks for the comment! ❤️

      It’s so handy! I’m the only one in my house who really drinks coffee – so no one understands the obsession 😂 I have a proper espresso machine, a cafetière, the V60 and loads of mugs. I can’t stop! Haha


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