Coffee Stop: The Bath Coffee Company

Last week, after an impromptu trip to a few shops in Bath, Scott directed me to a wonderful little coffee shop so that we could fuel our caffeine addiction.

A not so hidden gem

The Bath Coffee Company sits looking out on to Kingsmead Square in Bath (obviously) and looks rather small from the outside, with a clean look and simple signage. Yet, when inside you know that you are going to be getting fantastic coffee from a great independent.

When you walk in, you are straightaway met with the bar area where all the magic happens. The menu is displayed on a blackboard in the background and through a doorway is an inviting seating area perfect for cracking on with some work or playing one of the available board games. If you prefer a more cosy setting, the stairs near the front door lead to some comfy sofas, perfect for lounging in.

We were greeted by the owner himself, Adrian. a man whose passion for coffee could but many people to shame. Adrian supplies the shop with coffee that he roasts himself at his independent, Wiltshire based roastery called Square Root Coffee.

Whilst Adrian does sell a variety of blends to trade and public that he meticulously tests to ensure they are perfect each time, the blend that he uses in the Bath Coffee Company is called “The Solution”. Adrian and his team use this blend at all times, to ensure consistency and great flavour in every coffee.

Now, much to the disgust of many coffee lovers, I am not an espresso or black americano kind of girl. Nope, I love a mocha or if I’m feeling really daring, a flat white. So, in keeping with my usual habits I ordered a mocha and practically squealed at how nice the latte art on top looked as I could never nail it when I had barista training, Adrian informed me that it is all down to the milk!

On sipping my mocha, I was not disappointed. Smooth milk, combined with chocolate syrup and delicate espresso caused me to do a happy sigh as I inhaled – please tell me other people have that automatic little sigh of happiness too?!

Now, as I said I am not a black coffee kind of girl. But I had a sip of Scott’s black americano and it was divine! It was just a caffeine hit but had a natural and subtle sweetness that was just enough to make it drinkable for a sweet toothed girl like me.

Next to my mocha sat a piece of red velvet cake that we had decided to share. I’m normally a chocolate cake kind of girl – but the cake was delicious and moist and had the most divine buttercream layered inside with a tiny bit of jam.

Bath Coffee Company is now on my list of favourite coffee stops, Adrian was so unbelievably passionate about what he does and was happy to chat all things coffee when it was quiet (we were particularly intrigued by their Aeropress coffee).

They serve fantastic coffee, a selection of teas, plus cake and a few snacks such as bagels for when you’re feeling a little peckish.

Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget to let me know what your favourite coffee shop is below ☺️ and keep your eyes peeled for my next coffee stop!

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Stop: The Bath Coffee Company

  1. lifeofagamerswife17 says:

    Oh my love, coffee is my weakness. I love it in almost every form of hot and cold variations. I also love the sound of this little coffee shop. We have have one close to work called Poets and it’s kind of like what you have described. Beyond that my little town has the normal chain shops like Starbucks. I love them too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tilly Haines says:

      Hahah mine too! I’m obsessed 😍 I really like Starbucks and Cafe Nero but you can’t beat cute little shops like these sometimes. That’s such a great name for a coffee shop too! Where are you based?


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